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Lucky Rabbit

The Lucky Rabbit is two big, old buildings located next door to each other. They're filled with unique finds and nostalgic treasures from long ago. It was created in early 2013, by Brandon and Abby Thaxton, who had a small budget and a big vision. 10 years later, the store has grown to become one of Hattiesburg’s local favorite places to visit and bring the family.

The Lucky Rabbit is open every Saturday and Sunday. The unique shop boasts over-the-top displays, such as vintage arcades, old cola machines, working payphone booths, and old video game systems. Additionally, Brandon and Abby focus on fun displays that are great for photos, such as a Volkswagen Buses, a 1970's McDonald's Hamburger Jail, and nostalgic TV show recreations. The Lucky Rabbit is open every Saturday 9a-6p and Sunday 11a-5p and constantly restocking your favorite vintage finds, furniture, local nostalgia, unique gifts, and more.

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