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HGTV's Hometown

HGTV's hometown is filmed 30 miles N of Hattiesburg in the small town of Laurel MS. Visit the Laurel Mercantile, Scents Library, The General Store & several cute boutiques that boast Hometown charm

The Scent Library is the new home for the candles that we have all come to know and love. When Erin first had the idea of creating candles from her own personal memories, she had no idea that there would one day be a whole 2,400 square foot building filled with her treasured memories.

Scotsman Co. General Store is home to Ben Napier's famous woodshop. Inspired by general stores of yesteryear, the Scotsman General is sure to remind you of a place from your own hometown. With hundreds of glass bottled sodas to choose from, unique candies, and snacks, you'll definitely want to sit and stay a spell. If you stick around long enough, there's a chance you'll see Ben and his team filming the next season of HGTV's Home Town.

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